You desire to...

  • Set up a new business
  • Create a new product
  • Ensure bank financing, governmental and European programs or unit trust
  • Plan your entry to N.E.H.A
  • Explore the viability of a new technology
  • Improve the inner structure and operation of your company
  • Estimate your company for sale or collaboration purposes
  • Attract executives that you wish to include in your company's work force
  • Limit the danger of investments and ensure the prolific exploitation of your human resource's ideas


If your goal coincides with one, more or similar of the above, then you definitely need a business plan of such a form that will be "the key" to the fulfillment of this goal.

Our company can support you when elaborating or materializing a business plan in time and cost that are adapted to our needs.


What European programs offer

By becoming engaged with European programs, we seek for...

  • The economic growth of enterprises and organizations through the unification of the applied research in their daily procedures
  • The statigically studied spread of technology in all of the company's work-spectrum
  • The guarantee of the successful cooperation of the human resource in the market

European programs offer incentives for the growth of knowledge and abilities in selected fields and markets.

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